SMS Marketing Softwares For Small Businesses in 2022

What is SMS marketing software?

An SMS marketing automation platform, also sometimes referred to as an SMS marketing software is a tool that is used to create and send text messages to a specified list of phone numbers.

Types of SMS Marketing

There are five types of SMS marketing. We explain them in detail below.

Promotional deals and discounts

Promotional deals are messages sent directly to customers on deals, clearances, special sales, product/service launches, and discounts. If crafted well with time sensitivity, these SMS can create a high-level sense of urgency.

Alerts and Notifications

From transactional updates to appointment reminders, you can send different types of alerts and notifications via SMS.

  • Business hours (on special days)
  • Special events
  • Product arrivals
  • New services
  • Restock alerts
  • Emergency updates

Loyalty Programs

Who doesn’t enjoy brand loyalty? As a business owner, you need to design loyalty programs that encourage your customers to purchase or engage in your referral programs.

Flash Sales

26 in stock and disappearing quickly”

SMS Coupons

SMS coupons are often sent in Multimedia Messaging Service, also known as MMS. These messages are good for your business as they are visual, have pictures/videos, and share promotional and discount messages with your customers.

Why should your business use SMS marketing?

The following are the many ways SMS marketing will help your business:

SMS has a very high open-rate.

Compared to any other marketing channel, SMS has the highest open rate. With the highest open rate compared to any other channel of marketing, you would be enjoying a lot of customers who actually read, interact, and engage with your business.

Instant and direct reach

Imagine sending your customers an email and an SMS. Both of them would definitely be read, however, the likelihood of your customers actually interacting with them wildly differs.

Personal touch and brand engagement

SMS allows you to create a deeper and personal relationship with your customers. As they are interacting with your business via an SMS, not only does it promote enhanced brand awareness, but it also helps your business stay relevant in the minds of your customers.

Brand trust and loyalty

With SMS you can build a reputation for your brand and amass a loyal customer base. Using verified SMS ( which is SMS that contains your brand image and a verified badge), you can directly interact with your customers and help cement their loyalty.

SMS + other marketing channels = enhanced customer experience

Imagine you post a promotion on your social media and then follow up a day later by asking your customers if they saw that promotion on the social media platform. This works in two ways: you are engaging with your customers on social media and evaluating that engagement via SMS.

Surveys, polls, and more

A simple SMS with a link to a poll can help you gather a lot of information about your customers’ experience, requirements, thinking, and engagement styles.

Easiest to use

Imagine all the other marketing channels and the amount of work that goes into them, designs, creatives, SEO, and keywords. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also requires a lot of resources and time, with the results always falling short if not executed properly.

The Top 4 SMS Marketing Softwares For Your Small Business in 2022


SMSCountry is one of the leaders of SMS service providers globally. Since 2003, SMSCountry has been helping businesses like yours deliver SMS to more than 200 countries with over 550+ networks.


Starts from: $ 0.0019

Key Features:

  1. SMS and SMS API with dedicated short and long codes, helping you connect with your customers easily.
  2. Email to SMS, where you can send critical messages via email. Awesome feature, right?
  3. Two-way chat SMS with Push Notifications.
  4. Lighting fast speed, where 10,000 SMS can be delivered in a click within 10 seconds.
  5. 99.9% Delivery Rate.
  6. Insightful Reporting and Analytics, which provides detailed reports of your SMS campaign allowing you to realign and adjust the campaign.
  7. Intelligent Routing of SMS via re-routing SMS to intelligent channels and optimising delivery.
  8. 100+ Direct-to-carrier connections.

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Slick Text

Slick Text is an SMS marketing software that has around 70,000+ users and offers text messaging features. They have an intuitive interface that makes it easy to work with.

  1. Drip campaigns help boost engagement and loyalty amongst your customers.
  2. Autoresponders help you trigger responses to customer queries and respond to their questions.
  3. Scheduling can help you plan and execute your future SMS campaigns very easily.
  4. Rich media messaging, simply put makes your customers interact more with your SMS.
  5. Robust reporting can help in analysing your campaigns and in fine-tuning them to your needs.
  6. Personalisation of SMS will allow you to interact with your customer on a personal level.
  7. Integration with third-party apps such as eCommerce websites helps you directly send SMS from those platforms to your customers.


TextMagic was created in 2001 and since then has served a lot of users globally. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to use.

  1. Easy to use and setup
  2. Virtual toll-free numbers in USA and Canada which allows you directly send SMS or call from these numbers.
  3. With call forwarding, you can reroute the calls to a different number, if one of them is engaged in a conversation.
  4. Schedule and automate your SMS campaigns with automated texting.
  5. Text-to-speech, which allows you to convert your text into speech.
  6. Use rich media to add pictures and videos to your SMS.
  7. Directly send your SMS to your customers from your email using Email-to-text.


This is a cloud communications platform that has an API allowing users to make and receive phone calls. It is completely hosted in the cloud.

  1. Customisable and personalised platform building which allows for a custom tool creation.
  2. Scheduling SMS with programmable messaging API to send out reminders.
  3. Send mass alerts to your customer base.
  4. Send marketing and promotional notifications and messages.
  5. Provide 2-factor authentication messages for customers to verify.

It’s your time to move to SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a productive and simple channel that will exponentially grow and scale your business by doubling your sales and ROI by 3X.



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